Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Baby

Wow, I just experienced another miracle - I did not pass out while my wife was giving birth to our new baby girl. I got light-headed a couple times, but I made it through. But really, the miracle was seeing LIFE come out of my wife! What an experience to see that little girl come out with all the details of her body - my own flesh and blood.

We named her Caylin Grace Santos. Caylin means "pure", so "Pure Grace" is what she'll hear every day of her life. If you want to add Santos in there, it means "Holy", so that makes it "Pure and Holy Grace". Our prayer is that she'll passionately know and spread this amazing grace everyday of her life on this earth.

After experiencing the birth of a child, I cannot understand how anyone would question that their is a loving Creator who is concerned with each detail of our lives. Think about these things:
  1. From an egg and a sperm - a little person is formed inside the belly of a woman.
  2. The umbilical chord - provides all the nutrients the baby needs while in the belly.
  3. The breast milk - the first 3 days of life the baby doesn't need milk, just some other fluid that the mom just happens to provide before the milk comes in. After that, the breast milk works as food, drink, medicine, snack, sleeping aid, and everything else the baby needs!
  4. The baby bones - are still flexible in the beggining, so that clumbsy parents that drop their babies don't brake their bones.
  5. Preparation time - the "making babies" process was designed quite wisely. Before the baby is born, you have 9 months to prepare (thank God) for your life to change - no accident there. And for the first few months of life, they sleep 16-20 hours a day giving the parents time to prepare and learn for the toddler years.
  6. Size - humans mature in proportion to their growth. Before they know danger, they can't crawl. Before they know fear, they can't walk. When they are learning to walk, they are still small so that if they fall, they won't get hurt as badly. It goes on...

Man I could go on forever... David was right when he wrote is Psalm 139 "you knit me together in my mother's womb". It was intentional - every detail of every person - designed for a purpose by a loving Creator. Think about that.


Anonymous Michael W from Genesis said...

I just read on the blog about the new baby - congratulations to both you and Mandy on your new lil girl

1:12 PM  

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