Tuesday, November 27, 2007

God's teachers

Hey everyone,

I'm Tracy and I would like to share a small little moment of thought with you. I call this Post "God's teachers".

I want to paint a picture of seasons for a minute.

I am a gardener. I love flowers, color and spring and the season of planting. Spring and Summer are times that I anticipate with joy their coming. I get energy, feel full of life & fun. There is beauty and color everywhere so enjoyable to look at, breathe in and even take part in with all the summer activty. I love to get my hands on as many flowering plants as possible to decorate my yard with.

I was looking at my yard the other day and realized that I have no real desire to plant right now because the winter season is coming and most flowers won't survive. Everything looks brown, yuk, dead, dormant, cold and lifeless. The growing season is over and the cold will set in soon.

However, the weeds that I so hate in the spring and summer die at this time.

The winter seems to pull us back a little bit. We stay in more and seemingly somewhat dormant inside awaiting the next season when we can get outside and engage in lively activities again.
OK here is the "moment of thought". First, God uses everything he created to teach us about him, us and our relationship with him.

There are seasons in my life that feel like spring and summer, harvesting lots of growth. It feels like smooth sailing. I have worked hard at something and then I see the result as being very beautiful, full of life and even fun. THEN The winter sets in and the life seems to go blah. Maybe even feels a little void of that growth, fun, smooth sailing, colorful time.

I am always amazed at what God uses to teach me. He knows what He is doing! He has taught me so much through the corniest and simplest situations in my life.

Like..... it is the Winter season when God is actually killing off those hateful weeds in the ground. The ones that try to choke the life out of what is beautiful or distort what was planned in my garden. He naturally takes care of so many things in the winter that are pests in the summer. He is doing a work. Sometimes in our lives He does the same with us. Maybe we feel somewhat dormant in our spirit at times but God is still at work sometimes cutting out those weeds in our life that can distort His original plan for us. It may feel cold and lifeless for a while but - We just have to open up our eyes and see that God is in the middle of the winter. Be faithful even when it is not very exciting or pretty. Glorify him in it. Anticipate with expectation what He can do with you and for you in the dormant times.

Although God is magnificent and extraordinary - Remember he speaks to us in the simplest of ways.

Open your eyes next time you garden or engage in any other simple activity in your life - God may be speaking into you, to teach you something! Then share it with someone else!!!


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