Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I've been reminded lately of the type of worship that really pleases God. In my devotions I've been going through Isaiah and this past week I got to where Isaiah prophesied that there would be a day when God would say "these people honor (worship) Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me".

Wow, think about that. There is worship going on, but it's worship that does not honor God. Maybe another way to say it is the prophecy said that there would be a day when people will go to church, sing songs, speak like they belong to God, hang out with Christian friends, act like they are worshippers, BUT their worship will be a farce - fake!

Man, the worship that honors God is worship when our hearts are near to Him. If we serve Him more than we love Him, it's pointless. This reminds of the importance of what some people call P.S.D.: Personal Spiritual Disciplines. The only way to keep our hearts close to God's heart is by having the daily personal disciplines that draw us near to Him: fervent prayer, deep study of His Words, fasting, worshipping privately, silence, etc.

Let's do it. Let's be real worshippers - with our hearts near to the One we worship.


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