Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sex and Marriage

I was trying to figure out why I was so nervous to talk about the subject of last night's message and I think I know why. One, I know how important sex is to God - I mean, if you were there last night, hopefully you got a glimpse of the depth of meaning behind sex and marriage. But secondly, I know that this is an area where most young adults have fallen in and how do you balance speaking TRUTH within the context of God's GRACE? It is a hard balance to find, expecially when dealing with the sex issue.

Jesus was the Master at balancing those two components. John 1 says, "He (Jesus) was full of grace and truth". He will never compromise truth (or else He wouldn't be God), but He always presents it with grace and compassion. If we surrender to the Truth, He can take all of our sexual sins and wash them away with His grace. What a beautiful thing. I hope that was the message people heard last night.