Friday, November 30, 2007

Girl Time

Last night was the conclusion of our Girl Time group for the semester. We ended our relationship study with bang having a nice "sex talk" together understanding God's view of sex for marriage.

This semester has been one of the most fruitful times for me in my history of leading small groups (7 years!). Since last April I've been praying, studying, and writing for this study in hopes that girls' minds would be open to what God desires for them in marriage and how they can be blessed beyond their wildest dreams if they pursue His will for their life. Looking back on this semester I'm amazed at the number of girls that participated, the friendships that were formed, and the truth that God revealed to these girls.

I've been truly blessed by all of these girls this semester and have really enjoyed getting to know all of them. In the midst of everything going on in my own life this semester (having my 2nd baby!) thursday nights were the highlight of my week. The leaders were incredible and did an amazing job leading their table groups each week. They stepped in when I went into labor (the night of small group!) and made it possible for me to be able to teach this study.

I hope and pray that this isn't just the end to a great semester, but the start of something bigger that God is doing within our community of girls at Genesis. I'm a believer that girls can come together, love one another, support one another, and encourage one another. I see it happening and it's awesome!

Thanks girls for an awesome semester...looking forward to January!


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