Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oprah's Favorite Things

Just the other day I was catching up with the shows that I usually record on my DVR. One of the being the Oprah Show. Anyways, I watched the so anticipated "Oprah's Favorite Things". For those of you that might not know what this show is about (men), it is the once a year show where she gives away every single item that she has on the show. It usually happens the week before Thanksgiving.

Now, just so you know how big this is let me show you some numbers. She gave away a total of 20 items. Ranging from as low as $5 up to $3,799. Now, just think about this. Every single person in the audience got all of this, worth about $7,249. Wow, no wonder people try through out the year to find out when the show is taping so they can get tickets. This year, it was actually a secret. They decided to tape the show in the city where the show has the highest rating; Macon, Georgia. No one at the beginning of the show knew that it was the Oprah's Favorite Things show taping, and when they found out, people went crazy and I saw some ladies bawling.

Now you may be wondering where am I going with this? Well, since we are on the God's Gift series at Genesis, I really started thinking how we can get so wrapped up in fulfilling our lives and desires with material things. I now that we need them to live, but don't people need the gift God more? Usually, when I've watched the show in previous years I have thought, wow, I wish I could be there. But honestly, this time I was much more thankful to have God in my life. And couldn't stop to think about how many people need him more than things. He can fulfill us more that anything or anyone. So with that being said, I believe that the hottest ticket in town this year are all of the Christmas services that will be taking place around our city. What can be greater than the story of Jesus Christ, the son God. He is the biggest gift that we can receive, this year and forever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, I really enjoyed reading what you said. It's amazing how we forget about what really matters in life. All our stuff will disappear someday, but what we have with God is eternal. I'm really thankful for that.

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