Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pick up the phone!

Man I think I blew a gasket last night at Genesis!  If you were there then  you know that I went off for a few minutes.  But I have to tell you I'm not sorry!  Sometimes we need to get mad about somethings.  I like to call it "Righteous Anger"!  
If you weren't at Genesis last night, I had rigged a Bible up so that I could fit a cell phone inside of it.  The message was called God on Hold.  I was talking about the Bible being the Word of God and that He was wanting to talk to us and that we have Him on hold.  So during the service the Bible started to ring and it impacted me more than I thought that it would.  It messed me up! "Can you believe it?  God is wanting to talk to us and we have Him (God, Master of the Universe) on hold".  Just thinking about it makes me type even harder!  I must have some issues:)  Anyways,  If it was your first time there, come back I'm not always like that.  To the rest of you I'm reminding you to pick up the phone! 


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