Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mexico Rocked!

Over the next few days I'll try and give you guys some of the  stories from our mission trip to Mexico City.  God is so amazing!  Tracy and I were so impressed with the 24/7 team, that let us join up with them at the last minute, the whole team did a great job.  The VCH (Victorious Christian Harvesters) staff and interns made us feel special and made it easy for us to do what we felt God called us to do!  
A cool fact - over 1600 people came to Christ!  SHUT UP!!!!!!!  This continues to blow my mind! How can that happen in just a weeks time?  It was all God!  He just used our availability not just our abilities.  We said God use us and made some room for Him and man did He ever show up! What a concept! What a God!  
Anyways, I love being home (for just a few days) and hope I get to see all of you at some point and tell you face to face about all of the great things that God did on our trip but if not I'll try and convey as much as possible on my blog along with some pictures and video!


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