Saturday, August 23, 2008


God has been wrestling with my heart, or maybe I've been wrestling with God lately.  But either way, He's put a lot on my mind.  It is often very scary to me when I consider the greatness to which God calls us.  If God calls me to do something huge, who am I to refuse?  And, yet, who am I to do it at all?  Can I do it?  What if I fail?  As a pre-med student struggling with a desire to learn and to grow and a hunger to help people who are sick or hurt, I am often overwhelmed with God's calling for my life.  What if I score terribly on my MCATs?  What if no medical school wants me?  And, lately, as God has been pushing me forward and up, challenging me to grow and to develop, to learn and to strive, He has also been quietly whispering to my heart that everything will be OK.  And it will be alright, but not because I am smart or capable or wise.  But because God is beyond all of those things, and He is the one equipping and supporting and growing me.  It is about GOD, not about me.  That is the KEY!  At a conference I went to recently, a speaker proclaimed that if God has a plan, then it is His responsibility to see it carried out!  Wow-what a relief!  When I worry about my abilities, I am scared out of my mind of failure or inadequacy.  But my God is never inadequate.  He is never incapable or even afraid.  He IS, and in Him, all things are.  And through Him, His will is done.  No worries; no fears; no pitfalls.  He can do it.  And in Him, all things are possible for me, for His calling on my life.  And in Him, all things are possible for you.  No matter how grand His will for your life is, it can happen!! Don't let fear or self-dependency hold you back--go! Reach!  He can do it--just do your part and let Him!


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