Monday, August 04, 2008

Chain Reaction

What is the result of obedience?
I have been reading down the lineage of Abraham and i think i have seen the result of obedience. Because of Abraham's obedience to God his son was spared and would later be blessed out the WAZOO!!! (yea i said wazoo). And even later it goes on to bless his grand children all because his willingness to trust God with his life.

I have been thinking about this Generation effect that Abraham caused by his own obedience to God. It's kind of like a chain reaction. If i can live my life trusting God than maybe those who i influence the most will live there lives trusting God. Maybe my life will be blessed and as a result the people around me be blessed. I know it seems like a crazy thought, but really it makes since. I don't know its just something i have been thinking about lately and wanted to doodle about it a little bit...... HOLLA!!!


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