Wednesday, August 20, 2008

up with the roosters!

WoW! so the church i work for has a prayer group that any of the members or staff can attend at 6:00 am Wednesday morning. My fellow staff members rag me because i struggle to make it but what they don't realize is that i am there in spirit every Wednesday morning. It's not my fault if they cannot sense me through the spirit that moves through the group. LOL. But, this morning I went to the meeting (Like actually, not just in spirit). Anybody that really knows me understands that mornings are a tough time to get me to do anything. This morning was cool though. Although I am tired and somewhat drowsy it is awesome to be up and talking to God. It's also cool because my soul intention was to wake up and encounter God. There really aren't too many other things that can get me up this early. But to be honest it was awesome. I encounter God often, but sometimes it seems like it's planned on my schedule. How often do I encounter God when he calls on me rather me calling on him? I don't know it's just some random thoughts i had during the wee hours of the morning......


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