Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(Numbers 11:1-17)
Moses had just saved the Israelites and taken them out of captivity in Egypt. Women, me and children became hungry and there was little food. Even though they had manna (like coriander seed-tasted like wafers made with honey) they still complained to Moses. They were craving the food back in Egypt. This was cool because God was giving them just enough to where they would really depend upon him. He was trying to humble them and test them. I love this part Kelly Minter says, " God uses scarcity in our lives to draw us to dependency on Himself". And this is what he did with the Israelites yet they were still complaining. In Numbers 11:5 The Israelites said back in Egypt they had an abundance of food "at no cost". As we can see this isn't true because back in Egypt they were slaves for 470 years. Their babies were killed, and hard labor was ridiculous. This concept they had about food being "at no cost" was just silly. I think this story plays out in our lives. For example, when we are going through recovery from a tough situation. We are trying to get back on track with God and he is giving us just enough for strength and just enough for us to still depend upon him. Although we still have a hard time letting go. We remember those moments "at no cost" and forget about the price we paid for them(hurt, regret,sin,shame..). I liked this story because there was two points. First- sometimes God puts us in situations to depend upon him and not on ourselves. And two- God wants to take us out from captivity from the things holding us back from him. You see God wants us to rely on him, but he's not going to force it. It's up to us if we are going to demand for more from God or just stick with what he gave us. When we think about it this way, manna doesn't sound that bad. Cool thought!


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