Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WOW - GOD!!!!!

God is so amazing.  I'm constantly being reminded of His intentional plans.  I've been reading in the book of Ezra this week and it is a very cool story.  God had made a way for Israel to rebuild His Temple on its original site.  One king makes a decree (a law that MUST be carried out) that the Israelites can return back and rebuild the Temple and that the government and others would pay for it.  SO a group of people go back and start rebuilding the foundation on its original site and finish it.  Then opposition arrises, opposition always arrises, always!  There was a new king and some people wrote him a letter asking for him to stop the building of the Temple or else the Israelites would stop paying taxes and start a uprising.  This king not knowing the decree of the other king stopped all progress on the Temple.  A few kings passed by and God sent some men (prophets - Haggai & Zechariah) to the people to tell them to start rebuilding.  So they started rebuilding and you guessed it, OPPOSITION!  So some of these nerds (nerd isn't found in most Bible translations) wrote the new king (Darius) a letter asking him to check and see if there ever was ever a decree for the people to rebuild the temple!  HAHA I love this part!  The king googled (made a search of the records, but google sounds cooler) it and found the decree.  He wrote a letter back to the nerds and said "Wow, thanks for helping me discover this.  This is how this is going to go down; help them rebuild it and you pay for the FULL construction cost!  Don't you just love that!  God is so cool!  Have a huge day! 


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