Sunday, July 20, 2008


Blue skies, huge thunder storms, delicate flowers, great oak trees with dipping branches, families and friends, happy is overflowing with God's beauty and grace towards us! All of the good things in life come from Him and point to Him, yet it seems that so many of us, myself included, constantly find ways to be disappointed.  When the sun is shining, it's too hot.  When it's storming, it's too wet and cold.  Snow is too white.  Trees are too green.  We diminish the majesty of the world by lowering it to what we're comfortable with, but what's so great about comfort?  I know that in my marriage I can appreciate the security and comfort my husband offers, but if that's all I had, if there weren't love and excitement and FUN, no trust or need for trust or trials to bring us together, our relationship would be stale and worth so much less!  Isaiah 53 talks about the true beauty of our savior, predicting that the people of His time would react just like the people of our own time; they were blind to His beauty and greatness and opted for comfort, for the norm, over eternal salvation and tragic!  I pray to God that He would rid us of our deadly obsession with comfort and that He would, instead, put in us a greater appreciation for His beauty and a deep desire for adventure and discovery!  May we learn more about His glory, His love, His creation, our hope in Him daily!! May His life be birthed in us anew and give us a greater propensity for laughter and tears and dancing and falling and getting back up and growing and LIVING!


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