Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Glorifying Him....

It's been a while since i have updated. Things have been good lately. I am leading a small group formed around the book Crazy Love written by Francis Chan. It's amazing the way a small group can change a persons heart. There is something about this group that attracts me. I think it may be the openness that we feel while we are there. It seems to be that the more i hear about these guys lives the more i care about them. I genuinely want to see these guys glorify God with there lives. I want to Glorify God with my life. This book is effecting me more than i thought it would. Honestly it's affecting me more than i wanted it to. I think sometimes we get so comfortable with our mediocre view of God. He is so big that my use of eloquent and well thought out descriptive words fall far to short to explain him. I cannot glorify God with my words but with my actions I can. What if my thoughts towards God cause me to actually change my actions. That is my thought lately. What if...... 1) i begin to live with a kingdom mindset 2) i step into god's plans rather than waiting for him to step into mine

I am realizing more and more that my possibilities are so limited without God's provision. I want to be apart of what he is doing. I want to be used in his movie. In his book Francis Chan says, "the point of my life is to point to him." He couldn't be more correct.


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