Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NIght of Worship

Last night was amazing!  I truly felt like God was worshiped!  This is our desire every time that we worship but some times it just seems more authentic than others.  I've already heard of at least 2 people that accepted God's love sacrifice found in Christ and said "I do" in response to His leading.  Very cool!!!!!!   Also, My heart is breaking over a few that are so trapped in things and are unable to break free from them.  Tracy and I are in deep prayer over these situations and are asking the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in every step we take.  If you don't know this, it breaks God's heart to see you struggling and it also breaks ours.  God was proactive for each one of us and our crisis by sending His Son for our restoration before we even needed it. We desire for each one of you to live in that freeing restoration!  God is here for you!  His words, "I'll never leave you or forsake you!"  That is a promise to you and for you!  PLEASE DON'T LET GO OF YOUR GOD BECAUSE HE WILL NEVER LET GO OF YOU! 

We love you guys and love doing life with all of you!

Rod & Tracy


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