Thursday, May 15, 2008


Psalm 112 "Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who finds great DELIGHT in his commands."

How often and how easy it is to forget that God's principles are something that we can delight in. God is not a limiting overseer or a dampener of good times. The idea that God is my creator is way to big for me to write about. But i can give it a shot. Because he created me he knows me. Actually he created more than just me, he created you and everything both of us see around us. CRAZY!!! I put together the desk i use at work, and because i spent (literally) 4 hours trying to put it together i know it was done right. There weren't screws left over or pieces put together wrong. Because of that i can take pride in knowing that if i want to stand on my desk i can. (It's kind of embarrassing but i often remind people when they see my desk that i built it LOL). I know everything about this desk because i am it's creator. I imagine God feels somewhat the same way about me that i do about my desk. He has created me and knows everything about me.

Why is it that sometimes we feel that God is limiting us rather than trying to advance us? Those who delight in the lord benefit from it. Sometimes i feel that people including myself have a trigger in their mind that they switch on and off when it comes to delighting in God. God wants us to rejoice with him and in him but we must make it a day to day journey to delight in him. It's difficult sometimes because we as people thrive off of instant gratification. We want what we want when we want (straight from P Fred). Patience for some reason is rarely put into practice in our lives anymore. Our impatience brings predictable satisfaction but God brings eternal and unexpected satisfaction. I want to live a life that impacts eternity!!!!


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