Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Real Truth

God is Truth. Period.  I think it is a sad state of the world that wisdom, knowledge, and truth are so often set up in opposition to God and to His message.  When did learning and knowledge become contrary to pursuing God?  When did asking questions and seeking truth become not seeking God?  God is Truth.  If we seek Truth, we are seeking God.  If where truth leads us doesn't line up with God, then there is something we need to learn MORE or something we need to change about our concept of God.  Water doesn't turn into wine, but God is miraculous...so for Him, it does.  Everything comes from something, but God is eternal...so He always has been and never came from anything.  If there is a disconnect, keep looking...God will be there in the middle of the truth.  Wisdom can be found in Him and in His creation...I submit that we, as Christians, can learn from every area of life and people of every faith, not that we agree with all that they believe, but there is so much wisdom and truth and light that IS GOD and that we ignore because we are afraid that what we find might look too much like the real God and not enough like our story-book God who just sits in heaven, answers our prayers, and performs amazing miracles.  God is MORE.  God is REAL.  We need to stop hiding behind this surface-level, dumbed-down, ignorant Christianity that so many Christians want to believe today!  The bible tells us that we see as if through a cloudy window right now, and one day, we will see fully...but what this is saying is that we MUST keep learning!  We know so little now and some of what we think we know is not Truth at all...so keep growing and learning and seeking!  God calls us to pursue the Truth and to be full of wisdom, so let's start doing it! Don't be afraid that reality will deny God.  Don't be afraid to face other ideas, other philosophies, other people.  Don't be afraid.  In true love, in God, there is no fear.  LIVE! SEEK! LEARN!  Let's not let our faith become stagnant, not let it wander from the Truth revealed by Christ and revealed in creation.  Let's keep growing and increasing in knowledge and understanding!  My God is great and glorious and almighty, and I trust and believe whole-heartedly that the only Truth I will ever find is in Him!


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