Monday, November 24, 2008


I've been thinking for the past couple of weeks about the word Agape. It's my new favorite word and to me it sounds beautiful. Rob Bell explains in his book Sex God that, "Agape is a Greek word used in the context of God's love for the people, "for God so loved the world." He goes on and explains that:
"Agape is a particular kind of love. love is often seen as a need, something we get from others. Agape is the opposite, Agape gives." 1 John 3:18 says, Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but with actions and in truth. Francis Chan explains in Crazy love, "One of the clearest ways we love "with actions and in truth", is by giving to others. Not just money, but time."

This makes me think about how I Agape( how I love). To often I am caught up in my own world. Stressing out about school, wondering what I am going to do on Saturday, or worrying about something so little and pointless. I tend to get wrapped up in me, me, me. I tend to forget about the important stuff like: the people around me who are in need of influence and love. And after thinking about Agape, this Christ-like love, I know their needs to be change in my life.
Sometimes we do things for others because we have to. Rob Bell explains that,"There is a love because, a love in order to, a love for the purpose of, and then there is a love, period. Agape doesn't need a reason." I think this is so neat. In my small group and at Genesis, or wherever I go I don't want to Agape people because I feel like I have to. There should be no reason. It's in my blood to love in such a way because I am of Christ, so this Agape love should just naturally flow in me. In all of us.
.....We just had the turkey outreach and it went amazing!! This is my second time doing it and It was awesome to see groups of people from our church so desperate to help and it was neat to see the reactions of the people who received turkeys. When I think about it now, we Agaped those people. Not because we had to, or because it was the right thing to do but because of God's love instilled in us. God's love provoked us to give in such a way, to donate in such a way, and to deliver in such a way. How cool is this? .....This only pushes me to think about the awesome things God could do with us by us first just simply loving others. So.....let's agape people! Love like Christ!


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