Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on my thoughts.....

WoW!!!! It's so amazing when the spirit of God moves in a place. Kind of weird because the spirit of God is ALWAYS moving in EVERY place. One place that he moves is our heart. I'm not talking about the organ that pumps blood to our vessels, but rather the core of our being. Last night at Genesis I truly believe that as a whole we recognized God's existence in our core. It's revolutionary when this happens because it brings us to a point where we can make life changing decisions. I'm speaking at an elementary school chapel this friday and I am trying to rap my mind around what kind of impact a large group of excited elementary school kids can make in this world. I've been thinking for about 3 hours now........ You see when we recognize Gods spirit our own possibilities become his, and our potential expands tremendously. How do stay in that moment though? How do stay in close proximity to God? I typically think about a lot of things and blow most of them off, but this one i just can't. I've got to know the answer here. Because i want it, because i need it. God is convicting me of some things and i have learned one thing about convictions over the last day or two. Our convictions give us an oppurtunity to be obediant or disobedient. I want to be obedient. I believe our obedience to God allows us to discern his spirit and his prompting in our lives. I want to be prompted by God in all that i do. I don't know these are just some random things that have been going through my head. Something about writing stuff brings me some clarity... LOL. But i hope this reaches all of you somehow. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! Keep it cool my baby


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