Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do We Believe in God?

A few questions are running through my head this morning.  I've asked them before and find myself back here again for some reason.  So here they are - 
  • Do we believe that God is real?  Why do I keep asking this question?  Because if we believed that He was real then we would live, act and love way differently.  WAY DIFFERENTLY!  If we believed in Him and the fact that He is near to us or in us then that should make a huge difference!  But . . . ?  I do believe but to what level?  Do I believe in Him like I believe in what the doctor tells me?  Do I believe in His Promises?  Do I trust in Him?  You know what I mean by trust?  The kind of trust that when I go to prayer that He is listening.  The kind of trust that keeps me out of sin.  The kind of trust that pushes me to go next door and tell my neighbors about His amazing love for them.  
My prayer today - God help me to believe more in You and to have a spirit of expectancy that You can do more than I could ever hope for, think of or even dream of!!!  


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