Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Gracious Father

I am constantly being reminded lately of God's grace towards His people.  It is so beautiful to me to think of the different forms of grace that God offers us.  Most amazingly, there is His saving grace, where He forgives us of sins and gives us life when we don't deserve it at all on our own.  The God of the Universe became man, dwelt among us, and died by our hands for us!!  But God's grace goes even farther beyond comprehension when we consider the grace He gives us in serving Him and coming to know Him.  I know nothing of God that He has not graciously revealed to me.  Every glimpse of beauty, every breath I take, every song I am blessed to sing to Him, all are gifts from Him.  And every good deed I do, every time I reflect His awe-inspiring beauty, I do so only by His grace, not my own merit.  Even as I've been tired and working really hard to get my life in order before my upcoming wedding, God is calling me to Himself to find rest.  He is graciously giving me even more abundant life, filled with blessings and opportunities, and all the good that comes out of my life and that is poured out on me is a blessing from Him:  His gracious gift to me.


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